Here are 7 tips to minimize your exposure to radiation when using a cell phone

1. When it comes to cell phone radiation, a crucial factor is the proximity of the mobile to your vital organs – especially your brain. So while calling, keep your phones as distant as possible. Use speaker phones, Bluetooth emitters or earphones, as these functions not only provide convenience but also minimize your exposure to radiation.

2. Today, most of the people just can’t imagine living even a single moment without their phones. But this habit not only disturbs their sleep, daily activity & work but also maximizes their exposure to radiation. So try to keep your mobile away from your body throughout the day. However, if you can’t help it, position the cell phone in such a way that the antenna that emits radiation is pretty far from contact with your body.

3. Use your mobile phone to call only when there are maximum numbers of visible network bars. When the signal is poor, mobile phones tend to emit more radiation levels which lead to serious health issues in the future. However, the Vodafone users don’t have to worry about it, as it offers best network coverage, all the time.

4. You may have probably noticed the sign boards in planes, trains and at many other places that say – DO NOT USE THE PHONE. There is a strong reason why they have such sign boards instead of advertisements, and that is to inform us about the danger of radiation. Mobile phones draw more power & emit more radiation in enclosed metal spaces. So next time you are in elevator, train, car or plane, do not use your phone, at least for calling!

5. Today’s elders may blame the younger generation for being constantly glued to their phones throughout the day, texting useless stuff to their friends instead of just making a call. This, however, has some associated benefits. Be informed that texting is much better than calling (from the health perspective) because greater the distance of the phone from your body, lesser are the chances of radiation exposure.

6. While at home, prefer using wired landlines over cordless phones, because cordless device also emit radiation. However, it is quite rare to come across wired landlines anymore. However, in case you still have those oldies, use them! Landlines not only provide you with better voice quality, but also minimize your exposure to radiations.

7. There are many radiation shields available in the market these days, but remember that they do more harm than good. It is because they hamper reception and cause your mobile phone to churn out even more radiation.

The leading mobile manufacturers and network providers are rapidly introducing new technology to minimize our exposure to radiation. Nevertheless until we find a radiation-free communication, follow these tips.

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