Are Pendant Necklaces For Women Right For You?

Most women love the look and style that pendant necklaces provide, but not everyone can pull off such an extravagant piece. Before going out and purchasing a few or even one that looks fantastic on the website, it may be best to ensure that it fits your face, body type and neck so that you get the right fit and style that suits you.

Look In Your Jewelry Box

The first step is to go through your jewelry box and find any necklace that you don’t wear anymore. Figuring out why you don’t like it can be crucial to ensuring that you don’t choose the same kind again. While you may not like it because it was a gift from someone no longer in your life, it may be because it doesn’t fit in with your wardrobe or that it doesn’t look good on you. Now that you know which styles you don’t like anymore, you can figure out which ones look best and whether pendants are appropriate.

Styles And Wear

Collared styles are 14-inches long and are meant to be tight on the neck. They work best with open-necked clothes, such as V-necks, off-the-shoulder tops and others. Chokers are a bit bigger and fit tightly around the throat. They can be worn with almost anything.

Princess styles are 18-inches longer and hit to about the collarbone and can also be worn with anything.

Pendants are most likely going to be found on a necklace that ranges from 20 to 36 inches, and most people wear them with longer chains, depending on where they want the accent to finish up. It’s best to choose one that will be slightly underneath or slightly above the cleavage.

When To Wear What

The neck is the focal point with a necklace, and if you have a long neck, you can wear almost anything, including chokers. However, shorter, wider necks should focus more on a necklace that is 20 to 24 inches long and for women with wrinkles on the neck, pendant necklaces can be an excellent alternative to other styles. It sufficiently draws attention away from the neck area and places it around the bust area.

Another thing to consider is your height. If you are a shorter woman, a longer or chunky necklace, including pendants, can make you look overwhelmed. If you want to wear pendants, your best bet is to choose a shorter chain and keep the pendants above your bust line.

Pendant necklaces for women can be tough to choose since there are so many styles. Visit Style Fiesta today to find your perfect match.

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