The Popularity of Crowdfunding for Movies

The movie industry is one that is growing in popularity and competition. In order to remain prevalent in the industry, movie producers must secure solid financing to produce the highest quality of films in order to attract movie-goers. The competition is fierce and not everyone will make it to the top but without the right funding or enough finances, the door to success won’t even be opened. Many sources have turned to crowdfunding for movies in order to gain sizeable financing amounts for the production of the movie.

Although not every movie is the perfect choice to move forward by means of crowdfunding and this should be considered prior to launching a crowdfunding campaign for movies. Keeping in mind that crowdfunding isn’t exactly the equivalent of free money, it helps to do a bit of research to understand the concepts and how to effectively apply them to crowdfund for movies. The biggest mistake that some movie writers and producers make is assuming that everyone will lover their movie with the same passion as they do. While this is the overall goal, realistically, no one is going to like it if they don’t see the potential in it.

Get a realistic assessment of the quality of the movie that you are considering making. Make sure that others are equally pleased with it and like the direction that the movie is taking. Many filmmakers strive to make a movie that they would love to see on the big screen but this is only important if the filmmaker’s opinion is the only one that matters or if he has the money to foot all the expenses. However, when considering donations from an outside source, it is essential to engage a larger audience. Creating a project that many people would want to see is definitely a quality characteristic for creating a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the production.

Another part of the process that fuels the decision of starting crowdfunded fundraiser for movies is to analyze the existing network and base capability of reaching a large enough audience to raise major funds. Having 1,000 followers on social media is a potential start but if over half of them have no real interest in the movie, the campaign is typically over before it starts. Quality beats quantity every time in fundraising efforts because people are socially engaging about products and services they tend to like and they will share what genuinely appeals to them, such as a quality movie.

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