Crowdfunding, i.e. accumulating funds, small and large, from a number of sources, to help in a business venture or a fundraising programme is easy when done online. There are in fact a number of online tools to help you through it. Crowdfunding can prove to be difficult if you don’t have the right resources and contacts. Online crowdfunding or social fundraising makes use of social networks to connect you with prospective investors in your project. This way you get to approach millions of investors worldwide to help you in your venture.

You don’t have to toil yourself and go from door to door in search of investors anymore. Some of the best crowdfunding sites are now available all over the internet help you present your cause to potential investors in the best possible way. So all you have to do is, log on to one of these sites and set up or initiate a fundraiser for a project of your choice.

The website helps you spread the word with their social media integrated tools so people with money interested in your project will come forward to make a contribution. These websites also help you post regular and constant updates on the progress of your fundraising. They help you publicise your cause and bring in more investors. One such example of one of the best crowdfunding sites is definitely It is Asia’s most trusted and visited crowdfunding platform. Signing up on Ketto and starting a fundraiser online with its help is absolutely free. One is also entitled to get tested and tried marketing strategies for making his/her fundraiser a success.

Ketto does not publicise the cause. We help campaigners publicise their cause. Please remember.

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