What Are Floating Photo Boards?

When you choose to have your artwork or photographs made into floating photo boards, you are forgoing the frame and just having the breathtaking photo speak for itself. Many people aren’t sure exactly what floating photo boards are or if they are the right choice for their family photos and cherished memories. Read on below for a little bit about these boards and see if they don’t work for you.

Choice of Paper

There are different options that you can choose from to make your precious photographs into floating photo boards. The options are listed below.

  • Glossy
  • Luster
  • Metallic

The paper is of course mounted on a quality wood panel, not only making the print gorgeous but protecting it as well.


You can get floating photo boards in different sizes. There are also floating depths you can get which will have your board floating either a half inch from the wall or one inch from the wall. The choice as to which is yours.

What Do They Work Best for?

Many people don’t realize exactly what the best floating photo boards are best for. It doesn’t matter, as it’s up to you what photos or artwork you want to have displayed. Remember, these make great gifts for the loved ones in your life. What grandparents wouldn’t love to have a floating photo board of the grandchildren they love or of the family they love as well.

This is just a little bit of the information you need to know about floating photo boards if you are considering turning your photographs into one. They are great for gifts and to keep for yourself as well. For more information, contact the professionals at ArtDotz now for answers to any of your questions and to place your order.

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