The Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Freight Shipping

When you’re running a business, your responsibility is to keep your revenues high and your expenses low. The best way to boost revenue is to sell more of your products. Keeping your expenses low helps boost your profits. You want to keep your expenses as low as you can while still providing quality goods and services for your customers. That means finding the best raw materials suppliers and the best shipping partners.

In the age of the Internet, shipping costs are often the thing that drives customers away from an online sale. They factor in the shipping costs and decide that it isn’t worth it to buy online. However, shipping is expensive. When you’re setting up shipping costs for your customers, you need to look into the advantages and disadvantages of air freight shipping.


The disadvantage of air freight is that you are charged by the weight and size of the shipment. Typically, you will ship your items by the pallet. Certain shipping companies will allow you to purchase only a portion of a pallet, which can help keep your costs lower if you don’t have an entire pallet’s worth of shipment. Since space is so limited on a freight plane, they charge by the size of your shipment. They must also consider the weight of your shipment when they are calculating your expenses. These two things can add up to be quite expensive. That’s why it’s so important to find a reliable air freight shipping partner who knows the best companies and best deals.


The major advantage of air freight shipping is that it’s so fast. You can ship something by air and have it just about anywhere in the world in a day or two. That’s truly incredible and helps you provide a high-quality product or service to your customers.

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