Why Shipping Your Excess Baggage Makes Much Better Sense

Excess baggage fees are higher now more than ever. If your baggage exceeds the size and weight restrictions of the airline, you might want to save on costs by having them shipped instead.

Escape Airline Fees

Airlines are well-known for charging astronomical fees for their excess baggage. Shipping excess baggage options offer you a chance to avoid paying for those charges, the Kiplinger say.

Prevent Misplaced or Lost Luggage

Ever had to wait long at the baggage claim area, looking high and low for your bag only to find out it’s been lost or left behind at a previous airport? Lost or missing luggage is an absolute nightmare. By hiring a shipping service, though, you can count on your bags to be right where you need them. They basically look after your bags which reduces or eliminates lost, delayed or missing baggage problems.

Improved Handling and Care

Unlike airlines, these service providers focus on shipping. That’s why they can offer shipping excess baggage options with better handling experience. If you have ever had one of your bags returned after a flight looking dingy with a few new dents and dings, you won’t have to worry about the same thing happening to your bags after hiring a professional shipping service.

No Need for Long Lines

A handy side-benefit to having your bags shipped ahead of time is that you no longer must wait up at the check-in counter. No more long lines. There is no need to wake up at the crack of dawn just to get to the airport and line up. You can take your time getting to the airport.

A Reduced Amount of Hassle

Lugging heavy bags around are the farthest thing from fun. If you have a ton of bags with you, best to have them shipped so you could breeze through the airport in minutes. Less stress and hassle for you.

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