Things to Check while India Money Transfer

Demand for money transfer service has exploded in the past few years as lot of Indians have migrated abroad and because of increasing migration, be to the UK, Singapore or even Europe, there’s also increased demand for payments to be made to families. There are many reasons people move abroad other than a job transfer. Couples who are from different parts of the world will settle in one partner’s home country. A person may be looking for a new adventure. A person may want to return to their parent’s or grandparent’s homeland. Whatever may be the reason for moving abroad, the move itself comes with lots of responsibility, especially for those who leave their family back home in India. Providing financial support to our families is one prime responsibility; thus, money transfer operations are best for emergency transactions and with todays digitalized world, it just takes few minutes for the money to arrive.

Sometimes, speed is everything when you’re sending money abroad. A lot of planning is required to make the transaction go smoothly, and choosing the wrong option for currency exchange can be costly. While a transfer for reasons such as a provide monetary support for fulfillment of regular expenses or an emergency transfer of funds simply won’t wait. Also more people are buying property in India and need to move the deposit. There’s also a need for regular sums to be transferred, which could be savings moved to help pay bills or an mortgage in India. However, there are ways of moving money fast – but the cost and the time span varies widely. The traditional route, used by the majority of Indians sending their money to India, is through bank or also foreign money transfer operators, wire transfers and the new age online money transfer. Whatever the case may be, if you want to opt for India money transfer urgently there are a few points one should keep a note on.

Exchange rates

It’s important to compare rates and find the best deal around, especially if you’re transferring large amounts of money. A small difference in the exchange rate could mean a big difference in the final figure.


India money transfer sometimes come with hidden fees which can quickly add up and seriously decrease the amount of foreign currency you get out of a transfer. Usually there’ll be an exchange fee, and sometimes you’ll pay others, like amendment or cancellation fees.

Transfer speed

If you’re working to a schedule, how quickly the transfer can be processed may also be important. Usually it must take 2-3 days to be completed – mostly so the provider can verify your identity and do security checks.

Once you’ve learn all the features to look out for when choosing your India money transfer option, the next step is comparing all the different deals on the market. RemitGuru, is one such online money transfer service which is becoming the growing choice for money transfer as it benefits common man like never before.

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