DTH – The New Way to Watch TV

The ways of viewing television have changed. It no longer means watching shows that are broadcasted at your time of viewing. With the emergence of Smart TV and DTH services, the experience of television viewing has transformed altogether. You now have a wider range of options in terms of channels, prices, services, etc. That’s exactly why the focus is steadily shifting from Cable networks to Satellite TV Services. Here are some of the service areas where DTH Systems outmatch Cable TV Networks.

  • Watch Anywhere:

DTH Services have a better range of coverage as compared to Cable networks. Since satellite technology plays an important role here, DTH services can reach even the remotest of areas, which is not possible for cable networks. Thanks to DTH technology which has made it possible for people to watch TV even in the most distant corners of the world.

  • High Quality:

It is a known fact that the picture and sound quality offered by DTH systems surpass Cable networks. Direct satellite reception from original sources offers sharp picture quality as compared to what cable services provide. Smart TV users seek a high quality reception for enjoying the viewing experience.

  • More Channels:

DTH service providers have a large number of channels to offer than a cable operator. The range and the number of channels to choose are way higher than what is available in a Cable network. While you may have access to limited international channels on a Cable Network, DTH can offer a wide array of both, local as well as international channels.

  • Attractive Packages:

One of the best advantages in choosing DTH services is that you pay for only those channels that you want to watch. Cable networks on the other hand make it mandatory for you to pay for all the channels on their network, whether you view them or not. DTH service providers allow you to customize packages and watch only those channels that you wish to see.

  • Record Shows:

Another feature that makes DTH services so attractive is that you can record your favourite shows to watch later. You no longer have to wait for reruns of your favourite series or highlights of a match that you’ve missed out. Most DTH providers allow their customers to record shows for viewing later.

  • Recharge Online:

Like most businesses practice today, customers’ convenience is the highest priority of DTH Service providers. Therefore, most of them now provide online recharge of subscriptions as an option, to their customers. Once you have subscribed, you can recharge whenever you want and enjoy an uninterrupted viewing of TV channels.

Videocon D2H Service offers multiple other features along with the aforementioned. Do spend some time exploring more of these features. And remember, you can easily recharge your Videocon D2H subscription through JustRechargeIt.com. You can also add money to your JRI card & auto schedule the DTH recharge. Other benefits include the ability to store 10 Mobile/DTH/Data card numbers in each category, repeat a recharge, mobile APP, recharge plans, coupons, and a lot more.

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